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Wetrooms Dublin

Work with an experienced bathroom renovation & building company to get the wetroom you desire. We offer free quotes, and use only the best of materials for your wetrooms.

A wetroom is a WC or bathroom compartment with tanking and drainage laid to fall to a connected gulley capable of draining the floor area when used as a shower. 

The floor and walls are covered with a waterproof membrane which takes care of the damage risks associated with runaway water.

A wetroom does not necessarily require the inclusion of tray walk or enclosure in bathroom design except for homeowners who prefer to prevent the splash of water outside the area by installing a glass guard.

A wetroom is ideal for people who require help to walk in and out of showers without much effort, especially the aged who have difficulty moving over raised heights.

Wetrooms Dublin

Wetroom Bathroom Specialists

Wetrooms offer some interesting benefits. Here is a list of a few:

  • Ideal for the whole family, irrespective of age
  • Ultra-Stylish
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Better design flexibility
  • Better maximization of space
  • Affordable luxury
As a leading wetroom service company in Dublin, we offer the highest standard of professional designs, from start to finish, in line with your desired specifications.

We help with:

  • Wetroom project designs, 
  • Professional guidance and advice, 
  • Wetroom supply
  • On-site support

Wetroom Project Design

Carrying all the burden associated with creating a new wetroom alone can be downing. We can assist by sharing the burden with you. We can help with your project designs from start to finish. All you need to do is share your dream wetroom with us and sit back and relax while we do what we do best.

Professional guidance and advice

When you share your wetroom idea with us, our consulting team of professionals will weigh the available options with you and proffer what they think is the best solution. And if you choose us to carry on with the work, you’ll have the best job done at the appropriate time.

Wetroom Supply

In addition to high standard professionalism in wetroom installations, we’re also known for diligently working with leading wetroom manufacturers to supply our clients with high-quality wetroom and wetroom accessories. 

From glass guard to shower seats, and anti-slip matting, our supply of unique and latest innovations in the market is endless at STANDARD DELIVERY CHARGES.

On-site support

We don’t just leave our customers after supply delivery, we always see to it that they receive on-site consultations and support. And if you choose us to carry out your wetroom installations too, we’re able to deliver the best solution to your wetroom project.

We also create wetroom plannings, designs, supplies, and installations for commercial builders. If you’re interested in getting a custom-made solution to your wetroom project, our trusted experts are ever capable of helping with your requirements and specifications.

They will work with you to deliver an all-in wetroom solution, encompassing all stages, right from idea conception to implementation, and completion. Our innovative experience in the supply of tanking systems and drainage solutions also guarantee you the best of service that will last for decades to come. Need professional ensuite bathroom contractors in Dublin? Call us today!

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