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Wet Room Installation Cost Ireland

If you are interested in luxury, and you’ve been considering installing a wetroom but don’t know how much it’d cost you-whether it’d cost too much or not-this article is for you.

Perhaps, what you like is the look of luxury, or there’s someone in your home with mobility issues, maybe your Grandma or Grandpa, you may be right to be considering installing a wetroom. Wetrooms are a good way to improve the interior look of your home as well as make it valuable for sale when it’s time.

Wetrooms as a bathroom option protect your home from water leaks and damage due to the waterproof membrane that is used to seal the floor of your bathroom. As a result, they’re now becoming interesting and popularly used in homes.

Getting a wetroom installation does not have to come at a high price although this depends on the size of your bathroom and your choice of wetroom fixtures and fittings. Wet Room installation can cost between €3500 and €10,000 depending on the above factors.

Whatever amount of money you invest in installing a wetroom, it will pay off eventually. There may be an increase in labour costs if you intend to add more features like shower screens or underfloor heating.

Installing a wetroom is not a project you’d want to run on your own; you’d need the hand of professional installers; as it can be tasking.

If you need help to get the best job done by the best professional wetroom installers in Ireland, call us at BRD, and we’ll be with you to provide help with your project.

Benefits of Installing a Wet Room

Below are a few of the benefits of having a wetroom installation:

  • Water sealed and easy to clean
  • Most appropriate for people with a mobility issue
  • Adds value to the home
  • Can be an additional bathroom space in homes with smaller bathroom space
  • More secure

As discussed above, installing a wetroom is a big project. But the cost of installation doesn’t have to be scary. Some variables determine the costs of wetroom installation in Ireland. A few of these factors are discussed below:

The quality and brands of the material fittings and fixtures

Wetrooms are best tiled to the ceiling from the flooring and are best completely sealed to prevent accidents during usage. Therefore, materials of the highest quality must be selected to ensure the safety of the design.

With this said, installing a wet room that is fully tiled on the floor and the ceiling and that has underfloor heating will require you to have around €4,500 – €6,500 depending on the quality and design of the materials you choose.

Wet room enclosure

Although not having it wouldn’t be a problem if you’re the type that prefers extra privacy then adding enclosures to the list of your wetroom fixtures is okay.

Installing wetroom enclosures may cost you a price beginning from €500 upwards. However, the cost of an enclosure is dependent on the type of enclosure you require.

The Wetroom size 

It is a simple truth that to achieve the transformation of a large bathroom to a wetroom, more materials will be required. The price of the additional materials invariably increases the overall cost of the project.

Fittings like waterproof lightning, tiling backer boards and underflow heating will have a significant effect on the eventual cost incurred. As a general rule, the cost of the materials is dependent on their quality.

Installing high-quality underfloor heating, for instance, hastens the drying of the wetroom after usage costs between €90 and €110 per square metre.

Labour Cost

Only a few types of bathroom installations are as demanding as a wetroom. This is due to the requirements needed to ensure that water is drained well after usage. The requirements include highly technical spacers, grouting and dipping. There is also a need for adding enough filtration systems to avoid mold formation.

For a small room, a full primer kit costs between €130 and €150.

Installation of tiles will cost you around €20 to €40 per square meter on the low-end. However, high-end tiles will cost you more. Having an installation company that charges reasonable prices while rendering high-quality service, like us at Bathroom Renovation Dublin, is the best you can pray for.

Extra costs

When your wetroom installation is done, you may need to have some additional touches to enhance its practicality. Heated towel racks, wooden cabinetry for easy storage, shower screens, and many more are examples and can increase the overall cost of your project.

Quote Request

Rather than going too far to get the best fitting company for your project, allow us at Bathroom Renovation Dublin to handle your wetroom project. You can start by requesting a FREE quote from us, and have your dream bathroom become a reality.Learn more about the cost of a new bathroom in Ireland.

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