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Bathroom Planning Dublin

Hire professional bathroom planners to work on your next bathroom project. We’re experienced, and have a strong focus on customer satisfaction.

Bathroom planning is what we do to make a layout for your bathroom. Even though the term is used interchangeably with bathroom design, it is a different process. 

It involves detail-oriented carving out (if new) or alteration of an existing space to create a proper, functional bathroomIt is the process of creating a layout that is used in making a new bathroom or remodelling an old one.

Who’s Responsible For Planning Your Bathroom?

For bathroom planning, you need professional help from a good company that has the needed experience, a company that would ensure they get the job done right, the very first time. 

This is because of the many factors involved in making a bathroom plan. Don’t worry about being left out of the process, this company allows you to greatly influence the process. 

This is only fair as you will be the one using it every day. Below is  a sample master bath layout option.

Bathroom Planning Dublin

Factors To Consider During Bathroom Planning

  • Space: the size of the house and relative sizes of other rooms determine the space left for the bathroom. Elaborate layouts may not be possible in small spaces. 
  • Location: the location of the bathroom determines the layout. A bathroom in between two bedrooms for example can only have a window on one wall.
  • Users: The prospective users of the bathroom will determine its plan. A simple guest bathroom will usually take up less space and be located in the guest bedroom or close to common areas of the house. 
  • Features: personal preferences such as tubs, walk-in showers, privacy panels, wall fixtures etc., determine the size and layout of your bathroom 
  • Lighting and ventilation: According to the code, a bathroom should be well lit and well ventilated. You must include arrangements for these in your layout in the form of windows and light fixtures. 

Importance of Bathroom Planning

You may have heard of bathroom walls collapsing. Or stayed in a place where you could hardly breathe in the loo. These are the results of poor bathroom planning. It is important to have a layout of the bathroom before building a bathroom. 

You may already have a mental picture of what you want your bathroom to look like. Planning fine-tunes this mental picture, magnifies its strengths and beauty, and eliminates the flaws (and possible code violations). Ultimately, planning brings the best version of your mental picture into concrete view. 

Once you have a great layout, you won’t run into unexpected trouble and extra costs during the remodelling process. If your layout is properly done, your bathroom design will be a breeze. 

The cost of making a bathroom plan varies depending on the professional and how elaborate the layout is. It is, however, only a small part of the cost of remodelling. Since you will be hiring a remodelling company, the cost of the layout may simply be added to your aggregate cost.

Bathroom planning is the first step to take in making or remodelling a bathroom. It lays the groundwork for all other steps in the process. Therefore, you must have it done well by professionals. Our bathroom specialists don’t just know how to plan your new bathroom the proper way, but they also know how to design your new bathroom and make plans for bathroom remodelling that would be well suited to your taste.

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