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Complete Bathroom Renovation Mulhurddart

Collaborate with a bathroom remodelling company that has your best interest at heart. We are passionate about what we do. We offer top-notch renovation services in and around Dublin county, to both residential and commercialZcommercial/industrial customers.

We’ve grown to become a top choice among residential/commercial property owners, giving satisfying bathroom consultations, designs, planning, repairs, and overall bathroom refurbishment to residential and commercial clients.

We also deal in bathroom supply by partnering with top manufacturing brands across and outside the country to give you more than you could ask for.

We have a track record of providing pocket-friendly quotations, and delivering with your specifications in mind, irrespective of the size of your project.

Our Bathroom Refurbishment Services

New Bathroom Dublin

New Bathrooms Mulhurddart (Snag Our 800€ OFF New Bathroom Deal)

We recognise that dealing with tired bathrooms can be troubling. Having to cope with tubs and bad suites. Of course, what makes a bathroom are the bathroom suites, so we’re here as a service company to provide appropriate solutions to the issues you face. 

We offer new cloakrooms across all sizes and tastes, ranging from small to ensuites to large family bathrooms. Also, we offer a broad range of designs, available in traditional, contemporary, modern styles. 

We understand that no two cloakrooms are equally the same, so we provide new bathrooms according to your distinct taste. In addition, our bathroom professionals are seasoned, friendly and adhere to customers’ instructions. And will help you give the perfect modelling to your bathroom.

All these are what you get to enjoy if you choose us. Why not share with us your thoughtful and innovative designs for a new bathroom today and allow us to assist you to design your thoughts?

Bathroom Planning Dublin

We are known for our expanded experience in planning and carrying out a wide range of cloakroom modifications and replacements. We help you put your bathroom plan into action by having our esteemed team of professionals visit your home first to review your requirements. 

While reviewing your requirements, they will give professional advice, present you with an achievable solution, and give you friendly quotations. We start work immediately after we receive the green light by sending our installation team to either help fix your bad tub or remodel the whole bathroom or do anything whatsoever you have to fix in your bathroom.

Working with utmost proficiency, we will finish all the wiring, tiling, plumbing, and fitting at the appropriate time. While your work is being done, our project manager superintends and liaises with you to ensure that our seasoned professionals deliver up to your taste, the best form of bathroom fits and finish.

Bathroom Design Dublin

Making design choices out of the many options you have in your head for your bathroom renovations can be tasking too. At Bathroom Renovation Dublin, we provide professional consultations to our clients. 

If you tell us, we can help look at them and give an outline of what we believe, as professionals are the most suitable solutions for your bathroom based on your home décor and requirements.

With an expanse of quality skills and experience, we’re sure that our advice will meet every aspect of your bathroom renovation needs.

Bathroom Supply And Fit

The squad of experts at Bathroom Renovation Dublin have grown professionally and have created trusting relationships with numerous manufacturers and clients. Our supplies are carefully chosen to give you the best of design, technical, and aftercare services.

Whether you’re simply on the lookout for a replacement of bathroom fittings like the shower, basin, fibreglass, tap, bathtub, and tanking systems, or you’re on the lookout for total overhauling of your bathroom, we can help you.

Yes, we can, by guiding you to get the best of whatever you need from our stock or available trusted manufacturers of bathroom accessories. We can also help with the logistics in case there’s a need for that. Review the Irish Kitchen and Bathroom Association for more supply options.

Bathroom Fitters Dublin

Bathroom Fitting (Professional Bathroom Fitters)

Bathroom fittings are additional aesthetic components that are included in the bathroom for your luxury. We can help you recondition your bathroom. In addition to supplying bathroom fittings, we also install them. 

We install pans, bathtubs, water basin pedestals, faucets, urinals, water closets, washbasin, hand shower, floor drain, soap holder, health faucet, angle valve, bath bidets, towel bar, towel ring, towel shelf, mirror, glass shelf, and lots more

Bath Reno Dublin

New Bathroom Installation (Experienced Bathroom Installers)

A new bathroom installation usually requires a professional touch, as only this can assure clients of long-lasting, problem-free use. 

We pride ourselves on offering exceptional services to our customers. Whether you’re interested in renovating an existing part of your bathroom or you want to replace everything, we can provide help.

We boast of a reliable team of bathroom renovation experts that can take care of all installation projects in your bathroom, from electrical works to tiling and plumbing. Why not request a FREE quote from us today?

Shower Installation Dublin

Shower Installation (Well Priced Bathroom Company)

Showers are designed, in this modern time, with various improvements to infuse luxury into aesthetics. This is done to give users the ultimate bathroom experience.

We offer a large range of quality, custom-made showers, and shower fittings. We’re out to make sure that you get good value at an affordable price.

Imagine an installation without the mess and stress that comes with traditional shower replacements. In no time at all, our professionals will finish your bathroom shower replacement and installation process. And as always, you’ll have your dream shower running.

Shower Fitting Dublin

Shower Fitting & Bathroom Refits

We also offer services for a large variety of quality showers and accessories which include showerheads, Mixer Showers, Shower Valves, Shower Pumps, Traditional Risers, Digital showers, Hand Showers, and lots more.

We know how to provide a satisfying refit that covers all necessary needs. We take care of your refitting plan from start to finish, providing you with a top-notch as well as a functional bathroom, completely problem-free, just according to your taste.

Commericial Bathrooms Dublin

Residential & Commercial Bathroom Service (We're One Of The Best Bathroom Companies In Mulhurddart)

There are several reasons why you may want to consider a bathroom renovation project. They may include updated fixtures, space rearrangement, up-to-code components, or special amenities like deep speciality vanities, bathtubs, or sliding door showers.

Whatever the reason, we are dedicated to helping you every step of the way. Our experts are experienced in handling both commercial and residential bathroom projects.

Timeliness and cost-effectiveness is our lapel in doing what we love to do, that is, putting a smile on the face of our clients with exceptional services. From lighting to fixtures to plumbing to flooring, name it, we’re there for you.

bathroom repairs dublin

Bathroom Repairs (Experienced Bathroom Builders Offering Quality Bathroom Remodels)

From showers to tiles and tubs, we make the best repairs to tiled bathrooms. We also repair faulty bathroom fans, bad tub caulking, damaged drywall due to leaking water, faulty shower pan, and young person and major plumbing leaks.

In addition, we repair faulty loos. Whether it requires a extra flush valve, wax field or tank flapper, we Keep your best solution.


Bathroom Renovation Dublin 1

Our bathroom designers are constantly updating themselves for fresh and new design ideas, staying ahead of buzzing trends. This means that by allowing us to take care of your project, you will have your exact modern bathroom dream come to life.

Our innovative prowess covers a wide range of modern bathroom creation styles, which include:

Our goal is to create a convenient, well-ventilated modern bathroom via a creative combination of styles listed, but not limited to, above.
Bathroom Installation Dublin

If what you’re looking for is a everlasting type of bathroom, we’re well here for you. Our timeless bathroom supplies are of the best qualities and are a proven favourite in the middle of our clients, particularly homeowners who have little bathrooms but nevertheless enjoy perpetual designs. We afterward make installations and repairs of eternal bathrooms.

We meet the expense of stylish, classic bathroom renovations taking into consideration space-saving solutions. Our everlasting bathroom renovations are done later a high degree of professionalism, as our custom, traditional, and luxury renovations, by our squad of experts. 

This implies that your perpetual bathroom restore will, in auxiliary to standing the exam of time, add to the announce value of your house.


Luxury Bathrooms Dublin

When renovating your bathroom, one important thing you shouldn’t skip is grandeur. From our magnificent collection of luxury bathroom designs, you can select the best to your taste at affordable prices. 

Our experts are also on standby to help you install whatever choice you make from our collection. All these stunning products are performance and endurance tested to ensure that you get a top-notch bathroom that will be sweet to the eyes as well as last long.

Traditional Bathroom Dublin

Traditional Bathrooms


One interesting matter about expected bathrooms is that the design does not go out of vogue. If you’re a devotee of products characterized by sophistication, elegance, and longevity, then received bathrooms are what you need.

You have a large range of standard bathrooms to choose from. From the classy styling of Vitoria sanitary ware to the elegant design of the boutique line, the possibilities of combining timelessness in the space of luxury are inexhaustible.

There’s no song too small to enjoy some environment royal time. Even if you have a little bathroom, we could assist you position it concerning and titivate it gone a whole additional suite.

Features of traditional bathrooms tally up freestanding tubs, vintage artwork, Chrome or Nickel fixtures, Mirrored cabinets, Hexagon tiles, etc.


Ensuite Bathrooms Dublin

Our point is to put going on to you mood as friendly in your home as possible. If you have an en-suite bathroom that requires a fix or sum replacement to a extra one, we can come taking place with the grant for help. 

We specialize and have gigantic experience in building stylish en-suite bathrooms without taking much space. Our team is talented in building WC, towel radiators, hand basins, and walk-in closets and shower areas.

Are you enthusiastic in getting the best en-suite bathroom with a high standard in your home? Why not provide our extraordinary team a call today?


Disabled Bathrooms Dublin

Disabled bathrooms require high standard designs, that is why we take pleasure in helping our numerous customers build fully functional bathrooms, to specifications.

If you’re keen on getting an installation or repair of your disabled bathroom done by a trusted company, our team of skilful and licensed professionals is ever ready to take your calls and move in to do the job.

Wetrooms Dublin

Our services involve the supply and fitting of quality tanking systems and fibreglass to wet rooms. Whether yours is commercial, residential or industrial changing rooms, we can provide help. 

This reduces the likelihood of damage in the case of a bath or shower leak. We service all areas in Mulhurddart. We also provide our services in both North Dublin and South Dublin. No job is too big or too small for our crew!

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