Irish Whiskey Museum Dublin

Irish whiskey is the fastest-growing spirit on the planet. At the Irish Whiskey Museum, we tell the true history of this famous spirit. In 2013, there were just four distilleries in operation and five visitor centers on the island of Ireland. Now, there are 24 operating distilleries with another 28 at various stages of preparation!

The Irish Whiskey Museum ( is independent of all whiskey distilleries. That means we offer our visitors the chance to taste a few of the huge choice of whiskeys on offer. We’ll also tell you the impartial history of the spirit and its value in Ireland’s history.

The Irish Whiskey Museum is independent of all whiskey distilleries, providing its visitors the opportunity to taste and experience a substantial choice of Irish Whiskey. Whether it’s single grain, malt, pot still or a combined whiskey, the museum’s whiskey professionals will always have the ability to help you discover the ideal whiskey to match your palate.

Since opening in 2014, the Irish Whiskey Museum is rapidly turning into one of Dublin’s the majority of searched for tourist attractions, thanks to its interactive trips, dedicated whiskey retail store and internal whiskey bar, with views neglecting Trinity College.


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