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Ensuites Dublin

Get the ensuite bathroom of your desires by hiring us, bathroom renovations dublin, your one stop shop for all your bathroom renovations and design needs. All our quotes are free, and we have amazing customer discounts that ease the cost burden.

Quite often, we want that small yet nice and comfortable bathroom space in the house, however, in many cases, we forget to invest in making it a reality. 

Rather, we overlook the en-suite bathroom to focus on the public spaces in the home. 

We believe that having a high level of sophistication and luxury in your ensuite bathroom just as in other rooms and your main bathroom is what you deserve. 

For this reason, we’re here for you; to give you the best ensuite bathroom designs and fits that you deserve.

Ensuite Bathrooms Dublin

En-Suite Bathroom Design

Ensuite bathrooms and shower rooms are typically smaller than main home bathrooms, this implies that space can be a major issue. It is our assignment to make enough space in your ensuite bathroom by employing strategic designs and installing space-saving fittings. Below are what we cleverly create for ensuites and shower rooms:

  • Small baths
  • A wide range of solutions for shower rooms
  • WCs and Basin-for ensuite bathroom
  • Custom furniture for storage in ensuite
As quality as our giving you a stunning ensuite bathroom is, so is our finishing touches that further enhance the overall design. We’re sure we can provide you with a beautiful ensuite bathroom, whatever your shape and size preference is.
Luxury Bathrooms Dublin

Manage En-Suite Bathroom Projects

We boast in providing top-notch service in managing the whole process involved in ensuite bathroom design and installation. You can ask us for free quotes or appointments today, and you can as well check our showrooms for amazing space-saving fittings on display.

Benefits of Ensuite Bathrooms

Allows for Convenience: An ensuite bathroom is often seen as only for luxury but it is designed to be a practical bathroom that provides extra comfort for large families. 

If you’re the type that has children in the house or often has visitors it may be difficult to cope with just one main bathroom, so having a separate ensuite bathroom will give you the privacy you desire.

Combines luxury with practicality: Ensuite bathrooms are often associated with the hotels due to the lavish furnishing and massive interior designs. Ensuite bathrooms offer a little bit of luxury alongside practicality, giving you a high standard bathroom experience. 

You don’t necessarily need to have a big-sized bathroom to bring hotel-level luxury into your home. We are available to provide you with utter convenience through our ensuite bathroom designs.

Additional value to your home: Technically, having an additional bathroom in the home can be appealing to visitors, and increase the sales value of your home by about 5.1%, when it’s time for sales. Whether you’re interested in spicing up the beauty of your home, or you’re looking to make your home more appealing to potential buyers, having an ensuite bathroom is enough.  

We are readily available to help you handle your ensuite project. Our operations transmit to everywhere in Dublin. You can call on our specialists today to get exemplary ensuite bathroom design service in all of Dublin. We build amazing disabled bathrooms in Dublin as well, feel free to check out our Gallery for inspiration.
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