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Bathroom Design Dublin

Get your bathroom design done by professional bathroom designers who can design the bathroom of your dreams at an affordable cost. 

We design modern, classic and luxury bathrooms, and we use only the highest quality of materials for your bathroom project.

The bathroom is arguably the most important part of a home. It is usually a small room (might be bigger depending on how big the house is). Therefore, bathroom design is very important. 

It is how you control the space, make it comfortable, efficient, and aesthetic. It is what you do after you’ve got a good bathroom plan layout. You do not want this to go wrong.  

What Should My Bathroom Design Look Like?

Porcelain, stone, or vinyl tiles? What colour? Where should my toilet be? Should I partition? Glass or curtains? Because the choices are varied and so important, bathroom design may be a stressful project. 

The best thing to do is seek professional help. Our company takes the weight of worrying about those micro decisions off your shoulders. 

Bathroom Design Dublin

We're Professional Bathroom Designers

If you are making small changes to improve your bathroom looks, you can simply go ahead. But for major remodelling or designs, professional help is recommended. You know what you want.  

You may not be able to properly place them and achieve a flawless finish. Our company can help you achieve this. We are professional, meticulous, fast, and we encourage only your best choices. However, you may not know or have access to the supplies you need.

Here’s are some things to consider for your bathroom design: 

  • Available space: The new look for your bathroom has to fit into whatever space you have. Space will determine fixtures, window sizes, size and placements of tiles etc. 
  • Costs: the costs of bathroom design vary widely depending on your preferences. You could contact us for a consultation about costs. This will help you to make a budget before you begin. 
  • Aesthetics: What is your vision for this bathroom? Vintage? Simple Rustic? Modern? Bold and Colourful? Having an idea of the overall effect you want makes it easy to make other choices along the line.
  • Colour scheme: In any other room, this may simply be part of aesthetics. But in bathroom design, colour deserves its slot. Tile colours, curtain colours, cabinets and shelves, and sink colours all affect the room. Colours should be coordinated to an extent. We help with the colour dilemma by giving you various combination options.
  • Fixtures and products: we help you choose beautiful and lasting products that will work together to create the look you want and give you a great overall finish. Quality materials are not always the most expensive. However, for every quality product, there will be a slightly cheaper, less durable alternative. We protect you from expensive repairs and replacements by helping you steer clear of these.

We Offer Bathroom Design & Fitting Services

Bathroom design can be a gruelling process; however, it can also be a very rewarding process. When doing major designs, it is best to hire professionals. Doing your bathroom renovation yourself, or hiring the wrong people,  will lead to a sloppy result. 

You may also get injured or incur unnecessary costs in the process. Our customers, on the other hand, get to decide what their bathrooms look like, have a sleek finish and save tons of money. We also ensure our customers pick only the right bathroom accessories that their amazing new bathroom might need.

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