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Cost of Tilling In Ireland | How Much Does It Cost To Tile A Bathroom In Ireland?

One of the major ways to add colour and life to your home bathroom is the infusion of tiles. Tiles are worthy walls and flooring options and can be valuable additions to your bathroom. They bring a fresh aura of colourful comfort into your bathroom. They’re suitable for use in all kinds of bathrooms available to choose from. They’re durable and clean up easily in case of any splash.

Flooring tiles plus underfloor heating can give your day a good reason to start by making sure you get the best warm-up, even in the coldest environmental condition. There are many options of bathroom tiles to choose from, and many questions to ask. Most times our customers are confronted with lists of questions like what size of tiles do I use? Or what brand of tiles? Or what tile pattern?

Being unclear about what decision to make is normal, that is why having a competent renovation service is important. We, at Bathroom Renovation Dublin, try to answer these questions by first getting such information as, the size of your bathroom, the number of rooms to be tiled, the laying pattern, and the type of floor-concrete or timber? 

When we’ve correctly gotten information on these questions, we then go to work without wasting time. In this article, we’ve brought to you some of the answers to the above questions: the cost of flooring tiles, the variables that affect the cost, how to choose the most suitable time brand and pattern for your dream bathroom, and how to contact us for the best professional floor tiling.

What is the cost of tiling in Ireland?

The expected price will be different depending on many factors, especially the type of tile you want. Below are types of tiles, their costs, and associated labour prices.


For ceramic tiles, the estimated cost of supply measured per square meter lies between €15 and €50. Therefore, for a small-sized bathroom of 5 square meters, the supply cost will be between €75 and €250. 


Marble tiles are keeping the pace in popularity due to their classic appearance. To get a supply of marble tiles per square meter, you will pay between €30 and €60. This means that, for a large-sized bathroom of 20 square meters in Ireland, the supply cost will be from €600 to €1200.


With the cost of €60 to €90 per square meter, a medium-sized bathroom of 10 square meters will cost you between €600 and €900.


Being a good choice for most home interiors, the price of slate tiles per square meter ranges from €45 to €65. A large-sized bathroom of 20 square meters would cost between €450 and €650.


Glass tiles are another luxurious bathroom tiles option, with a cost per square meter from €90 to €150. The cost of a large-sized bathroom of 20 square meters would be around €1800 to €3,000 in total.


Limestones might be a good choice if you’re looking for something a little cheaper. Limestone tile costs between €45 and €850 per square meter, and for a small-sized bathroom of 5 square meters, that translates to a cost between €225 and €425.


For granite tiles, the price last from €70 to €100 per square meter. A medium-sized bathroom would cost between €700 and €1,000 in total.

Factors affecting the cost of tiling

Getting your favourite tile types and design is good, giving your home an appealing look, and also increasing its value. However, it can have a high negative impact on your pocket if some necessary factors are not considered.

A few of these factors are briefly discussed below:

The size of your bathroom

As earlier discussed, the cost of tiling your bathroom is dependent on the size of that bathroom. The larger the bathroom space, the more time will be needed for tiling, and the more cost of labour it’d incur.

Your Tile Choice

The type of tile you choose also determines the amount you pay. Some of the tile options are costlier than others, while some are better used somewhere other than the bathroom. Knowing this will make you know which is good for your dream bathroom.

Your Location

Your location unfortunately can play a part in the cost of getting your favourite tiles. Things are costlier in some geographical places than others, and this may affect the price of tiles also. However, we’ve got you covered on the supply of quality and affordable tiling materials all over Ireland; so you don’t have to worry. Moreso, our experienced tilers are ever ready to help with your bathroom tiling projects. Why not request a quote from us today?

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