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Cost of New Bathroom Ireland | Cost of Bathroom Renovations Ireland

The question of what cost is required for the installation of a new bathroom or the renovations of the existing ones is top among those asked by homeowners in Ireland and the rest of the world.

However, the answer to this question depends on many variables such as the size of the bathroom in question, the quantity of the products and accessories required, the quality of the products and accessories, and the renovation service company.

Cost of A New Bathroom 

The cost of getting a new bathroom in Ireland may not be as high as you’ve always thought. Ideally, the range of acquiring a whole new bathroom package is between €7,000 and €12,000, depending on your choice. Yours may be to get a new main bathroom, downstairs WC, or an en suite to impress yourself and your visitors. Whatever your need is, Bathroom Renovation Dublin has got you covered.

We have an adequate supply of materials needed for new bathrooms in our showrooms all over Ireland. Get your sleek designer products like Dornbracht, Evan, and Laufen from our stores and enjoy a spa-like feeling in your home. Revamping your bathroom has never been easy, with our qualified installers at your service.

Transform your bathroom into a wet room, complete with floor to wall tiling, frameless glass panel, wall-hung toilet and sink vanity. If you want a super sleek look, a rain shower head with concealed pipework can’t be beaten. It’s also good to include a handheld shower as well.

And for our installation, we give reasonable quotes that won’t tear your pocket. We offer … BONUS? on every product, if you choose us to supply and install all the materials needed for a new bathroom.

Cost of Bathroom Renovation Ireland

If what you’re looking for is a simple renovation of your existing bathroom, and you’re not sure of how much the whole project will be, this is what this part of the article is for.

We’ve made a compilation of the prices that you may have to pay for your bathroom renovation. For a small bathroom, full renovation with all standard tiles, fittings, and accessories can cost from €3,000 to €7,000.

We make sure our professionals use the best quality materials for every installation and renovation. We are sure that these materials will serve their purpose for a very long period. We place a guarantee on every work we do as going back to repair and replace the same job, in just a few days after installation, wouldn’t be good for our business.

To know how much major bathroom renovations cost overall, we have to run through the cost of each element involved in the process, and how the cost of each affects the total price. The following variables are often the major factors that affect bathroom renovation costs in Ireland:

Bathroom Design

To get your dream bathroom design concept drawn out for you, we recommend that you hire the service of professionals. The good news is that our services are affordable so you don’t have to employ expensive services outside.  Although it is important for easy understanding of what you desire, you can skip the 3-D design and make your choice, if you can’t afford the cost.


The trade cost of tiles is dependent on the measurement per square meter or foot. It varies from as low as €18 per square meter to as high as €60 per square meter top end, depending on the size of the tiles.

Considering these rates, the tile aspect of the renovation cost can be between €1500 to €6000. The total amount will depend on factors such as the size of your bathroom, whether you’re looking to get tiles for a master bathroom, or your ensuite. In many instances, it is required to change the old plasterboards behind the existing tiles which could be an additional cost.


If unfortunately the cost is high and you can’t afford to pay, part-tiling your bathroom can help bring down the cost. For instance, you can choose to have tiles on the floor, and wall containing the shower, or fit tiles everywhere but to only half of the length of the wall. If that’s your choice, you can contact us to provide this service hassle-free.

Toilet and Basins

There are variations in the prices of toilets and basins for your bathroom. These prices are dependent on the type of brand, design, and quality you want.

We also have professionals who can assist in the installation of your toilets and washbasins. Although mounting lovely additional features, like wall taps, to the washbasins will accrue an additional cost of ABOUT €105.

Bath and Shower

This element is also dependent on the type of design you choose. Your choice may just be to use a bath with a shower or just a walk-in shower with a tray, or both. You may choose to use just a shower screen or shower doors only, or you may require a total shower enclosure. However, the overall costs depend on the style, brand, type, and size of the products and enclosure.


Including additional features like cabinets, mirrors, towel rails, soap dispensers, and many more, will increase the overall price. There are so many bathroom accessories that it becomes almost impossible to place a single price tag on them. To get a glimpse of what the prices are, you can visit our showrooms to browse through our catalogues of quality accessories and choose the ones that most suit your budget.


This is arguably the most important of all the variables because a well-installed and splendorous bathroom is a factor of a good installer. Although we offer one of the best installation services in all of Ireland, we don’t charge more than normal. 


We’re sure you’ve learned quite a few things through our compilations of the cost of new bathroom and bathroom renovation in Ireland. To know about how much hiring our professionals costs for each of your bathroom renovation processes, you can request a quote from us today and we’d be glad to give you a swift and satisfying response. Learn more about bathroom renovation Dublin cost.

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