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Cost of Installing Ensuite Ireland

Perhaps you’re the type that likes easy access to your bathroom or toilet, or the type that doesn’t enjoy sharing a single bathroom with many people in the house, if you belong to any of these categories, then you may have to consider installing an ensuite if you have space for it in your master bedroom.

The inclusion of an ensuite bathroom in your home will offer you privacy, peace of mind as well as add substantial value to your home. It also provides you with constant and easy access to more bathroom facilities and can join to more than a room in your house if you want.

You might have been wondering how much it’d cost you to enjoy having an ensuite in your property, in this article we try to provide reasonable answers to all your questions. But you might want to know more about the benefits associated with investing in an ensuite in the home, here are they:

Benefits Of Installing Ensuites 


For large families and single adults, an ensuite offers additional privacy from the general family bathroom.

Save time

An ensuite bathroom in your bedroom can decrease the time you spend getting ready for work every morning without having to queue for anyone to finish in the public bathroom; therefore saving you and your family time.


If you’re the type that often wakes up at midnight, then the ensuite is proper for you to walk into conveniently.

Occupy less space

An ensuite can surprisingly be fitted in a small space, which makes it appropriate for any kind of house design.

Variety of choice

Ensuites come in different designs and styles which you can browse and pick from. Your ensuite can be furnished with a large range of trending fittings and fixtures, including LED spotlights and magnifying mirror. You can choose to install a pre-designed model or a custom-made type. Although the former usually comes at a lower cost than the latter, still you can get it tailored to the best of your taste. And you need not go further, we’re here for you at Bathroom Renovation Dublin.

Add Value

The addition of an ensuite to your property can raise the value should the time to sell comes, making it a meaningful home improvement project. Want to enjoy the best and widest ensuite bathroom deal all over Ireland? Why not contact us at Bathroom Renovation Dublin today and avoid hiccups in your project?

How much will an En-suite bathroom cost?

To add a luxurious ensuite bathroom to your home may cost you around €3000 on average. However, adding an ensuite may cost more- up to €4000-depending on your choice of materials, specifications, and other factors. Below are the key variables that may affect the cost of installing an ensuite in your home in Ireland:

  • Fixtures
  • Fittings
  • Tiling
  • Painting
  • Flooring
  • Labour

Ideally, professionals would recommend that a new ensuite bathroom be built above an existing bathroom or next because it will save time and there wouldn’t be any need to redirect plumbing pipes.

This would help you to make a correct estimate of the number of hours that the plumbing work will take, and as a result, prepare enough budget. Moreso, the cost of fittings and fixtures can be estimated easily once all plumbing work is completed.

Prices of Ensuite Bathroom Fixtures and Fittings


The prices of new acrylic baths start from €70 on the low end. Also, high-quality steel baths cost between €300 and €500. Whereas, cast iron, composite baths go for over €1000.


The price of a basic electric shower can be as low as €50, but if you’re looking for more functionality and style, that may increase to about €100 or more. Power showers prices start from €200 on the low end.

Shower towers, shower cabins, digital showers, and shower columns may cost as low as €500, and as high as €2000, depending on your choice of brand.

Shower Enclosure

Shower enclosures improve the overall look of the bathroom, so the right investment on them pays off, always.

To get shower cubicles, the price ranges between €150 and €600.


Ceramic basins go the price of €50 upwards. Whereas, the unit prices of vanity basins begin from €80 and can go as much as €200-€350. They come separately.


The price of a basic type of toilet is about €50. If you’re looking for a high-quality type, expect to pay from €150 to €300.

Taps and hardware

What is a bathroom without taps? They’re as essential as every other fixture. For quality taps, the price can be as low as €20 and as high as €400 on the high end. For more friendly cost details on all your ensuite bathroom installation fixtures and accessories, you can contact us today to request a quote?

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