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Classic Bathrooms Dublin

We are bathroom renovation contractors with numerous homes in Dublin to show as our testimonials. 

We pride ourselves in being top among the best in Dublin by providing our customers with top-notch classic bathroom renovation services according to their budget. 

Our wealth of experience plus professional skills put us on top of those who provide quality classic bathroom services that you deserve.

If you’re interested in a classic bathroom with many amazing features, enough to rival spa or hotel experience, then your renovation project requires a touch of professionals.

Perhaps, you’ve had a less-than-quality experience with a renovation, or you’ve never had or experienced a bathroom renovation before, we’re here to give you a rest of mind. 

For your classic bathroom renovations in Dublin, you will need designers, tradesmen and a project manager

Classic Bathroom Dublin

We offer stylish, classic bathroom renovations with space-saving solutions. Our classic bathroom renovations are done with a high degree of professionalism, as our custom, traditional, and luxury renovations, by our squad of experts. This implies that your classic bathroom upgrade will, in addition to standing the test of time, add to the market value of your house.

Classic Bathroom Expansions

If what you want is to expand your classic bathroom, we can help you handle the starting process, that is, the permit and planning process. We have skilled professionals too, who can help in the removal of the existing load-bearing walls and structures, if necessary.

Classic Bathroom Additions

Bathroom Renovation Dublin experts can also help you create a classic bathroom in the existing bathroom space, or combining bathrooms, or add a new one; giving your home a quality improvement.

We are your best fit

Your bathroom project seizes to be yours alone, again, once you’ve shared your interest and needs with us. We’re here to help you create your definition of an ideal classic bathroomWe provide dedicated assistance while you browse through our supply store of classic bathroom and bathroom accessories so that you wouldn’t have to make style and colour choices alone. 

From the beginning of the project till the end, no doubt, we will make available for you well-expressed details of the schedule, and we’ll finish at the appropriate time. You have access to as many classic bathroom documents as you want and can communicate with our team of friendly personnel via our online communication channel. 

With everything at your fingertips, you can choose from classic subway tiles of different colours, and many more. We remain first in the heart of many homes in Dublin due to our wealth of experience and service delivery satisfaction rate from our dear clients.

How do we stay at the top?

Our team is full of dedicated experts, who strongly appreciate the value of sound communication and work effectiveness. If you choose to work with us, you will get details of the contract containing the job description and payment terms. 

We go to great lengths to ensure you enjoy our services. Why not request a quote from us today and get your dream classic bathroom in no time? We also offer affordable and fast bathroom planning services in Dublin.

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