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Bathroom Accessories Dublin

Every bathroom deserves a chance at beauty. Our selection of stylish bathroom accessories will give your bathroom a spa-like feeling.

You can get to select from our store of accessories like soap dispenser, grab rail, towel ring or rail, glass shelf, etc.

Whatever your choice is, our accessories will beautifully complement your bathroom, adding to it that final splendorous touch.

Custom Bathroom Cabinets

In many bathrooms you’ve been, think of one thing that catches your attention. Chances are, it’s the cabinetry. They create a soothing visual in the bathroom and if you get the right ones in yours, you feel very well at home.

Once you’ve shown us your dream design, we get to work immediately, drafting up plans to give you beautifully unique cabinets.

Wetrooms Dublin

Bathroom Custom Countertops

With several years of experience in custom bathroom countertops design, we give you a visually attractive and seamlessly integrated design. We can provide you with marble vanity tops and bath surrounds or new materials such as sintered stones and quartz for countertops and shower panels which give your bathroom a beautiful look and timeless simplicity.

Custom Flooring Renovation

At Bathroom Renovations Dublin, we have an extensive range of quality flooring solutions, both as designs and units in our stores, that you can explore. Flooring options such as laminate, tiles, hardwood, and stone are available for browsing at your convenience.

Bathtubs Upgrade

Among the many bathroom accessories, we can both agree that the tub is a standout. Talk about the Clawfoot with four decorative feet and bigger and deeper space than most bathtubs. 

  • Or, the Alcove tub requires only a curtain to give you the privacy you need and is easy to get in and out. 
  • Or, the undermount tub with its elegant and luxurious look. 
  • Or the drop-in that is placed in another bath. 
  • Or the freestanding tub that can be placed anywhere in your bathroom.

Whichever type you choose, we are ready to provide you with an upgrade that will make the greatest impact on your bathroom.

Shower Upgrades

If you’re nervous about deciding to change your shower or, perhaps, you’ve made your decision but don’t know how to go about it, we are here for you. We can help you make plans about your upgrade as well as install the upgrade for you.

From shower benches to multiple shower heads, decorative grab bars and steam showers, our experts are well trained to help you install and give your bathroom a new look. Our professional shower installers are also skilled to install curbless showers which require strategic touch.

Toilet Replacement

We boast of perfect toilet designs at Bathroom Renovations Dublin, from contemporary to moderate flushing systems. Also, from office toilets to domestic and commercial, our impressive design and style options will meet your modern taste.

Custom Woodwork Remodeling

Woodwork remodelling from master craftsmen will give your bathroom the best stylish touch that you desire. By entrusting your custom woodwork remodelling to us, we’ll make sure that your bathroom receives quality woodwork that you’ll take pride in.

Glass Shower Doors

Having the bathroom design you’ve always wanted with stylish shower accessories isn’t too much to ask. We supply, repair, and replace old or faulty glass shower doors, giving you exactly what you need.

Glass Shower Enclosure

If you’re looking to include a glass shower enclosure in your bathroom upgrade, we’re available for you. We offer custom-made shower enclosures that fit any look, from framed to semi-framed, and semi-frameless. And we do the installations too.

Built-In Cabinetry & Quality Bathroom Mirrors

We are a leading company in providing built-in cabinets with the right skills and tools in the whole of Dublin. Our services are such that you enjoy style with comfort for the perfect storage of your bathroom possessions. 

We make use of high-quality wooden materials for long-lasting built-in cabinets. We also supply and fit quality bathroom mirrors into all our bathroom refurbishment jobs.

Bathroom Lighting

When it comes to lighting design, installation and replacement, we have you covered. Our experts are well trained in electrical panel upgrades, installation of surge protectors, switch and outlet and professional safety consultations and inspections.

Crown Moulding

Having crown moulding is a good choice in making your home look appealing, and it can be installed in virtually all rooms but is less recommended for those with rounded ceilings or curved walls. Crown moulding is available in many styles and sizes and can fit any home because of its versatility.

We deal with styles like chair rail and trim moulding, baseboard moulding, door and window moulding, block and corner moulding, picture frame moulding, and shoe and quarter round moulding. We are always around to help supply, repair or install the uniqueness crown moulding brings to your home.

Bathroom Cabinet

We are well aware that there can sometimes be limited space in the bathroom, we assist our clients to make a difference by creating custom cabinets to enhance spacing and improve the sales value of their homes.

Bathroom Painting

Are you thinking of finding a new coat for the old paint in your bathroom, or are you interested in freshening up the walls? Our expert painters can assist you to create a nicer and more attractive space.

Sink Replacement

Do you think it’s time to have your sink replaced? Whether it’s due to a problem beyond mere repair or you want a splendorous new look and you want a perfect job done, we’re your best bet. Why not request a quote from us today and start your journey of a good bathroom feel?

Bathroom Furniture

If you’re looking for quality bathroom furniture installation in Dublin, we’re the best option to choose. We have an extensive range of designs to give your bathroom a smooth and unified look. With our friendly workers’ many years of experience, we’re here to give your bathroom the finest touch of furniture.

Bathroom Tiles

Adding tiles to your bathroom will render your current bathroom appealing, and attractive. It will give your bathroom a modern touch as well as protect it against dampness and water.

If you’re looking for a total bathroom installation or just a light renovation, we are available to help you create your ideal bathroom, with our wide range of tiles and tiling services. Tired of the size of your old bathroom? We offer bathroom extension services in Dublin.

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